Extras from vaca


Joel reminded me that I left out a very important detail of our vacation.  After finalizing our plans we realized we were taking flight 666 to Borneo which, if you ask an Indonesian, is the number one top spot in the country for black magic.  The flight also took off into a thunder and lightning storm that added to the spook factor, but luckily we got through it very quickly.

We’ve found Indonesia is quite superstitious and take their superstitions very seriously.  Joel forbid me from wearing my green swimsuit to the beach because local folklore states that it angers the Goddess of the South Sea Nyai Roro Kidul.   I’ve read that the myth actually only refers to the south coast of Java but with Borneo being shrouded in superstition we decided to err on the side of caution and I brought a black suit.


We also flew Lion Air both ways which is an Indonesian airline that’s famous for their flight delays.  Amazingly both of our flights were on time!  This photo is us landing in Semarang which is always scary because the runway starts only a couple of yards away from the water.  You can hear to landing gear deploy long before you see land which is a bit unnerving.


A couple more shots from Beach House Resto, my bounty from some shell searching and below the best of our beach selfies.  I got a waterproof Iphone case (for $1.50!) so Joel couldn’t escape my photos even in the ocean.  You can tell when he got annoyed hence the one of him attempting to wring my neck.



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