Finally I get to meet some monkeys


I feel like my abundant references to legends are becoming redundant but with historic sites come historical folklore.  Goa Kreo is a cave located near the Jatibarang Reservoir in Semarang.   The legend is that one of the nine Walis (founders of Islam in Indonesia), Sunan Kalidjaga came here looking for teak wood to build the Great Mosque of Demak.  He met the monkey clan and asked them to guard the cave.  Hence the name Goa Kreo- goa means cave and kreo is taken from the word mangreho which means guard.

Looking over the valley it is hard to believe that it’s located only about 30 minutes from our home in the densely populated, bustling central Semarang.  Joel had previously visited the monkey forest in Ubud, Bali and warned me that the monkeys there are expert thieves.  However these macaques were much tamer than the monkeys of Ubud, who will jump on your back and go through your purse looking for snacks.  We bought a bag of peanuts expecting to have to hide it, but these guys were pretty reserved when it came to getting close to us.  I did manage to get a couple of shots of adorable, little monkey hands reaching up to take peanuts from Joel.  The day we went the sun and heat were brutal, so we didn’t stay long.  But I think we’ll definitely find time to make it there again for another round of peanut feedings.


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