Lawang Sewu


Lawang Sewu is a beautiful Dutch Colonial building in Semarang that was constructed in the early 1900’s.  It originally housed the first railway company in the Dutch East Indies. One of the two main buildings became a prison when the Japanese invaded Indonesia in 1942 and the basement was used for interrogations and executions.  We’ve actually toured here twice hoping that the basement area would be open to the public, but no such luck.  Now the complex is said to be haunted and the Indonesian government has tried to rebrand to lose that reputation.  They could easily turn it into a legit haunted house, but I think the culture here is too superstitious to enjoy that.

The name Lawang Sewu means Thousand Doors in Javanese.  There are definitely an endless amount of doors and arches up and down the many corridors, but we haven’t gone so far as to count the doors.  We’ll save that activity for our third visit.

LW-twoferLawang-Window-view600Lawang-couple-spread Door-+-hallLWThree-spread-temLawang-Doors.jpg

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