A Morning Walk in Singapore

PTX Studio in Sinagpore

Singapore, so beautiful and clean!  My trips here have all been solo and way too short.  I look forward to one day taking a leisurely Singaporean vacation with Joel, but until then I’ll take whatever holiday I can get.  Last weekend I made another brief, solo trip to the Lion City.  It was just a quick overnight jaunt so the only plans I made were for a long morning walk to do some overdue exploring.  One of the things I miss most about life in Seattle is walking!  Singapore gets an A+ on walkability, so aiming to take full advantage of those super Singaporean sidewalks, I diligently kept my promise to hit the tourist spots that I missed on my last trip.

PTXstudio in SingaporePTXstudio in SingaporePTXstudio in Singapore

My last trip I stayed in Chinatown so this time I switched it up and found a cheap spot in Bugis as to get familiar with a different part of the city.  Bugis was an ideal starting point for my morning expedition with its close proximity to the marina.  Even on a Monday morning Merlion Park was packed with picture seeking tourists.

Merloin Park SingaporePark-building-color-wallCivilian War Monument SingaporePTXstudio in Singapore

My only indulgence on this trip (I didn’t do any shopping) was paying to go the visitors deck at Marian Bay Sands.  I’ll be editing and posting that bunch soon.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

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