Our wedding vacation begins!

PTX Studio Semarang, Indonesia

It’s here!  Our wedding vacation is finally here!  We’ve been anticipating this trip for quite some time, but it doesn’t feel real quite yet.  The past week has been a whirlwind- the last week of school/work, moving into our new house and prepping to leave the country for six weeks.   Tomorrow we fly to Jakarta for three days.  Friday we make our way to Raleigh to visit my family, then yet another flight to Seattle where we’ll spend all of July.  We’re also packing in two huge wedding weekends, first my best friends (and bridesmaid) Melanie and Chase in Raleigh, then our wedding in Seattle.  It will not be the most relaxing vacation of my life, but no complaints here.  I can’t wait to see my family, my friends and my Blanche!  I’m also excited to be reunited with wine, brie, fancy olives, drinkable tap water, Netflix and weather under 80 degrees, but the best part will be making this handsome dude my husband.

PTX Studio Semarang, Indonesia

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