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Happy almost Friday!  It’s currently Thursday evening here, but we have a free day tomorrow so we’re feeling pretty good about the three-day weekend ahead.  The past week has been about rest and recuperation around our house.  As you can see from the photo above, we had a surprise hospital visit last week.  Joel swerved a little too hard and fast avoiding a street cat and took a spill off the scooter.  Fortunately, nothing is broken, but he was definitely scraped, bruised and sore all over.  He had to fly to Singapore the next day and the trip couldn’t be moved, so since his return we’ve tried to take it as easy as possible.

While Joel was in Singapore I got to experience my first giant Indonesian wedding.  It’s customary here to invite your entire family, all your friends, colleagues and I’m guessing every member of your church.  As a former wedding planner, I couldn’t wait to see the ins and outs of wrangling a 1,000+ guest event.   The staff was certainly bigger than any crew I’ve ever managed- it even included a team of parking attendants- but everything seemed to run incredibly smoothly.  The food was great, the venue was grand and beautiful and the band was playing a Diana Ross cover when we arrived- perfect!  Also Vita, the bride, looked breathtakingly beautiful.  Her lavish ensemble almost made me regret not wearing a golden hijab at my wedding.

PTX Studio

With Joel on the mend and a long weekend ahead of us, we’ve thrown together a last minute trip down to Jogja.  Can’t wait to explore even more of our favorite city!

PTX Studio in Yogyakarta, Indonesiaplant-street

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