One Morning, Four Temples

PTX Studio in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

For our first weekend away of 2017, we made a quick weekend run down to our favorite little city- Yogyakarta.  I know what you’re thinking, “Don’t y’all go to Jogja like every other weekend?!  What could possibly be left for you to see there?”  Amazingly, even after seeing Borobudur and Prambanan, there were still plenty of temples to tour.

PTX Studio in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

First on our temple tour was Candi Kalasan which we found just by the roadside on the same street as Prambanan.   How had we driven right past this behemoth and not seen it?   In our defense there are plenty of palm trees blocking the view and I was probably concentrating hard on GoogleMaps.  Kalasan is just the one towering structure surrounded by small modest homes.

600joel-waitingPTX Studio in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Next we were on to Candi Sari, which just so happened to be closed.  So we took some photos from the fence and were on our way.

PTX Studio in Yogyakarta, Indonesia600candi-sari2-close

Temple number three, Plaosan, was actually a large group of temples and by far our favorite of the day.  The grounds were busy with photo snapping tourists, even a couple doing engagement photos which we’ve come to expect at grand locations like this.  Being the majestic backdrop that it is, we wasted no time getting photos of myself and Joel.  However Joel was the only one lucky enough to be flanked with fans in his photo.  Another cool thing about Plaoson is that you can go inside the temples.  A little dark for photos, but with the help of your trusty smart phone flash light you can see all the details.

PTX Studio in Yogyakarta, IndonesiaPTX Studio in Yogyakarta, IndonesiaPTX Studio in Yogyakarta, IndonesiaPTX Studio in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

By the time we reached the last temple, Ratu Boko, we’d been out in the heat all morning so we didn’t stay long.  The view of Mount Merapi in the distance was impressive despite the clouds.  We took a moment to get some photos then scurried to see the temples before the imminent rain storm blew in.  The ride back to the hotel was a good 45 minutes, but we made it just in time to nap through the storm. 600merapi-viewPTX Studio in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

For accommodations we chose Adhisthana Hotel which is on the same street as Greenhost Hotel, where we stayed for Christmas last year.  During our morning walks we had seen Adhisthana’s impressive, shutter covered facade that conjures up memories of Potato Head Beach Club in Bali.  The room was tiny, but what the room lacked in space the hotel made up for with their laid back, batik-chic decor.

PTX Studio in Yogyakarta, IndonesiaPTX Studio in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Joel’s mom is coming to visit in March and we’ll be headed down to Jogja and staying at this lovely villa.  This time instead of a quick weekend we’ll have five whole days to relax, shop, sightsee and eat.  I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “One Morning, Four Temples”

  1. Fave temple is also ratu boko. They said it’s not for the worship like the other temples, but it’s a palace.

    Adhistana is also lovely.
    A lovely couple like you and Joel staying in one of the loveliest towns in Indonesia in a lovely hotel like Adhistana!


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