USA here we come

Looking forward to WA | PTX Studio

The time has come for Joel and I to triumphantly return to Washington after two years living abroad.  I’ve already listed all the things I’ll be missing about life in Indonesia, so I thought it only fitting to do little round up of what aspects of life in the US that I’m most looking forward to.



Blanche  |  PTX Studio

Sure, she has messed up teeth, and yes she was mistaken for a pig on a recent walk, but I can’t wait to get back to that fluffy, little rolly-polly body!  My dog Blanche has been staying with my in-laws since we left ten months ago so she and I have a lot of catching up to do!  We have plans for a lot of beach walks followed by lap naps while we listen to Reunited by Peaches and Herb.


Jean, hoodies and boots

favorite Frye boots  |  PTX Studio

What once was my uniform has been a distant memory while living in the tropics.  I long for my fall-winter wardrobe of comfy jeans, a hoodie over a t-shirt and my favorite Frye boots.  Shorts and tank tops have never been my favorite articles of clothing and interestingly enough, even with the scorching temperatures here, I’ve seldom worn shorts.  Indonesia is a fairly conservative so covering my thighs and shoulders is a more modest comfortable look, however makes for sweaty outings.  As boring as it may sound I’m ready to get back to blending into a sea of denim and hooded sweatshirts.  


Trader Joe’s cheese section

Cheese is not something that you see on a menu at most of your favorite Asian restaurants.  Sure, there is cheese in Indonesia; pizza is pretty much everywhere.  But it’s the variety that I’ve been missing.  At the nicer grocery stores in Semarang I can find a wedge of gouda, a wheel of brie and sometimes a little feta, but the choices are limited to one to two brands.  There’s definitely nothing like the shelves upon shelves brands and varieties of cheese that you find at an American Trader Joe’s.  I will never take that section of the market for granted again!  


PTX Studio at Quilt Festival in Sisters, OR
In the PNW you can wear jeans in July!

I relocated to Seattle to get away from the heat and humidity of the south.  Little did I know I’d be throwing all that out the window and moving to the South Pacific.  But we’re arriving in WA just in time for the best three months of the year.  There’s nothing quite like a PNW summer.  In the south I used to dread the summer with it’s 100+ temperatures and over the top humidity.  Seattle summer temps are typically only in the mid 70’s which is damn near perfect in my opinion.  After two years in the tropics, I’m even looking forward to a long grey Washington winter.  Ask me again next February, but I think I’ll still be enjoying the weather.



Grabbing a cup of coffee and hitting the pavement for an hour or two was my favorite pastime with my BFF in Seattle.  We lived within a mile of one another in Ballard so there was no shortage of prime walkable locations.  The aforementioned weather makes for ideal walking conditions and I’m eager to get back to a regular walking regime.  


Plastic Free Beaches

Livingston Bay walks  |  PTX Studio

Pollution wasn’t something I thought about often, kind of out of sight, out of mind.  Living in an uber clean community like Seattle, you get used to clean streets, trash-free beaches and compostable everything.  On the other hand, living in Indonesia I grew somewhat accustomed to the pollution that is everywhere.  Unfortunately seeing someone open finish a snack and throw the wrapper onto the street is very commonplace.  Joel and I went for many walks on plastic littered beaches- so many straws!  As depressing as it was, what I took from it was a strong stance against single use plastic.  I hope that my memories of dirty beaches and trash clogged waterways will stay fresh in my mind and inspire me to live as trash free as possible.


Just eight days until we head home!  My excitement in palpable, but we have a week of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur adventures to take on before we arrive.

Floating in Livingston Bay  |  PTX Studio

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