All of Java: part 2

Indonesia feels like a long ways away, mostly because there’s snow in the air as I type this.  But our pictures from the second half of our trip need to see the light, so here are some highlights from Jepara and Yogyakarta.

PTX Studio in Jepara, Indonesia

Jepara is a city by the sea known for its wood carving and we definitely had Indonesian wood on our minds.  Joel and I have started a company called Raya Exchange and our focus is on supporting small businesses in Java by importing handmade, home goods that we sell via our web store and Charish.  So far, we had been concentrating our efforts on handwoven textiles- pillows, throws and runners- but this trip was planned in order to expand our efforts into teak furniture and planters.  We visited our furniture partner in Jepara to check out the progress of our order and we were thrilled to see our products coming together so beautifully.

PTX Studio in Jepara, Indonesia





PTX Studio in Jepara, Indonesia

Next on our list was Yogyakarta, affectionately known as Jogja.  This portion of the trip was  a little bit business, a little bit pleasure.  Jogja is our favorite city so we always have a good time scooting about seeing old friends, visiting our favorite restaurants and taking in the sights like the Affandi Museum.




PTX Studio in Jogja, Indonesia
Affandi Museum fun, checking out art and wearing Affandi masks


PTX Studio in Jogja, Indonesia

We met Ina from Animal Friends Jogja and got to meet all the dogs that she’s rescued from the dog meat trade in Indonesia.  We purchased some AFJ tote bags to support their cause and brought them back to Seattle where they were sold on Joel’s cousin’s doggie food truck.




PTX Studio in Jogja, Indonesia

Our two weeks in Java hit on almost all of our favorite spots that we enjoyed while living there.  It was also a glimpse into the future of our business that should hopefully be taking us back to Indonesia on a fairly frequent basis.  If you’re interested, you can learn more about our business and the artisans we partner with at

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