Embroidery lately

PTX Studio embroidery

That kind of sums up life lately.  Lots of embroidery projects going at once and even more swirling around in my cluttered brain.  I’ve been teaching sewing and fiber arts in Seattle two days a week which has been great to keep that teaching muscle flexing.  I’ve also been developing an embroidery workshop, but so far the interested parties have been only kids and teens.  While I’m totally into doing a tween class, embroidery can be a tad intense for younger students who are still developing their fine motor skills.  I’m most interested in putting together a higher end, boutique workshop experience for adult learners.  Similar to what DesignLoveFest did with Blogshop, I would start with a bright, beautiful setting, include a bevy of embroidery supplies and a curated goodie bag (with embroider-able design of course).   Is this something you’d be interested in?  If so I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Here are some things I’ve been working on lately, including the cutest little top for my niece’s ninth birthday.

PTX Studio embroidery



PTX Studio embroidery



PTX Studio embroidery

PTX Studio embroidery


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