Hi I’m Amanda.  PTX stands for party time excellent, yes, a Wayne’s World reference.  In a previous life I was an event planner and designer in Seattle, WA.  Blogging began for me as a way of documenting my life as a planner, but my focus shifted to travel when my husband and I relocated to Semarang, Indonesia.

As of 2017, we’ve came back to the PNW and launched our business Raya Exchange.  Our missions is to support small, independent makers in Java, Indonesia by sharing their work with an international market. You can check out all things Raya here and here.

Even when I’m not working on business, I’m probably doing something textile or fiber related.  I’m an avid knitter, crocheter and embroiderer.  By day I teach sewing and fiber arts around Seattle.  By night I’m snuggled up next to a basket of yarn with a dog in my lap.

Follow me on instagram for pictures of dogs, yarn, textiles and morning walks around Washington.  If you have questions, comments or collaboration ideas, I’d love to hear from you at mclaurin.amanda @ gmail.com


Check out my feature on Discovery Your Indonesia here and articles for My Trending Stories here and here.


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