All of Java: part 2

Indonesia feels like a long ways away, mostly because there’s snow in the air as I type this.  But our pictures from the second half of our trip need to see the light, so here are some highlights from Jepara and Yogyakarta.

PTX Studio in Jepara, Indonesia

Jepara is a city by the sea known for its wood carving and we definitely had Indonesian wood on our minds.  Joel and I have started a company called Raya Exchange and our focus is on supporting small businesses in Java by importing handmade, home goods that we sell via our web store and Charish.  So far, we had been concentrating our efforts on handwoven textiles- pillows, throws and runners- but this trip was planned in order to expand our efforts into teak furniture and planters.  We visited our furniture partner in Jepara to check out the progress of our order and we were thrilled to see our products coming together so beautifully.

PTX Studio in Jepara, Indonesia


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Singapore Slinging

PTX Studio in Singapore

We didn’t actually drink a Singapore Sling (a drink I envision to be similar to a Long Island Ice Tea), but Joel and I did go to Singapore together on our long trip back to the US.  We’d each been many times on our own, as it’s the closest place to renew your visa when you’re living in Indonesia.  But because we had moved on different dates (him first and me following a few months later) our visa schedules weren’t in sync and we always took these trips alone.  It was fun to explore the city together, show one another our favorite spots and finally visit the place we’d been saving for our couple’s trip- the Buddhist hell museum at Haw Par Villa.

PTX Studio in Singapore

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Favorite Images: Indonesia

PTX Studio in Indonesia

Initially my idea for this post was to make a top ten list of my favorite images of Indonesia, however that soon proved to be impossible.  Scrolling through two years of blog posts there were too many memories and snapshots of unforgettable destinations for me to narrow it down to a mere ten.  So my top ten became a compilation of pretty much any image that I was fond of starting with our fantastic honeymoon in Kuta and Ubud.  I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed compiling them.

PTX Studio in Bali, Indonesia

PTX Studio in Bali, Indonesia

Two weekends in Solo.

PTX Studio in Surakarta, Indonesia

PTX Studio in Solo, Indonesia


The time I went to the market with Annie and made a slew of new friends.

Gang Baru Market, Semarang, Indonesia photo by Amanda McLaurin


Gang Baru Market, Semarang, Indonesia photo by Amanda McLaurin

I’ve never been anywhere quite as special as Karimunjawa.

PTX Studio in Karimunjawa




Meeting the makers: batik and tenun

Batik in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

PTX Studio in Troso, Indonesia

Checking out forts and trains in Ambarawa


Ambarawa Railway Museum

Trips to Jakarta



PTX Studio in Jakarta, Indonesia

Exploring our city, Semarang





Discovering Jepara




That time we went to Borneo




So many trips to Jogja






Temples, temples and more temples.  And one more temple.


PTX Studio at Prambanan, ID


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I’ll miss you Indonesia!

I'll miss you Indonesia! PTX Studio

Truth be told, I can’t wait to get back to the Pacific Northwest- three weeks and counting!  The weather, the water and my beautiful, little doggy will welcome me back just in time for a glorious summer.  Living in a foreign country has been enlightening and also had its share of challenges.  But after almost two years, it’s started to feel like home and there are aspects of life in Indonesia that I’ll be missing once we’re back in Washington.  Here are a couple at the top of my list.

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Springtime in Central Java

| PTX Studio in Jepara, Indonesia

Gecho Inn Country  |  PTX Studio in Jepara, Indonesia

| PTX Studio in Jepara, Indonesia

Gecho Inn Country   |  PTX Studio in Jepara, Indonesia

Gecho Inn Country

Carved everything  |  PTX Studio in Jepara, Indonesia

PTX Studio in Jepara, Indonesia

| PTX Studio in Jepara, Indonesia

Lunch at Jepara Marina  |  PTX Studio in Jepara, Indonesia

As I mentioned before, our days in Central Java are dwindling, so we’ve got lots of odds and ends to tie up before leaving Indonesia to head back to Washington.  One item on our to do list has been furniture.  While prepping to move here, I downsized in a big way and most of my furniture went to Craigslist (coincidentally that’s where most of it came from in the first place).  So when we go back, we’re returning to clothes, shoes and a bunch of still-in-storage wedding gifts, but no bed, sofa or dining table and chairs.  Being the diehard thrifter that I am, Joel and I have been doing some browsing to see if should make some of those big ticket furniture purchases here.  The teak and mahogany furniture market is huge here and the prices are insanely reasonable (like reasonable enough to make up for the fact that we’d be shipping it across the world).

The pictures above are all from our trip to Jepara, the furniture capital of Central Java. We spent a long weekend there in April browsing furniture shops, meeting teak craftsmen and taking a little time to lounge by the pool.