Busy holiday season

Raya Exchange chair & pillows

It’s been all quite on the PNW front here for a bit.  I currently have lots of projects in full swing and have been working hard not to drop the ball on any of them.   First and foremost, Joel and I have launched our company Raya Exchange.  I’ve been sewing up a storm to fill our textiles shop and we’ve received our first shipment of teak furniture that we’re selling locally as well as through our Chairish store.   We’ve also participated in a couple of markets including Seattle Makers Market, SODO Flea and an artist showcase at Tirto Furniture in Seattle.  So December has been a busy month over here on the island.

Another fun project I’ve been working on is collaborating with the lovely ladies over at CoCapsules.  They’re two stylish, young Seattleites whose brand promotes a lifestyle of quality over quantity- a sentiment that I can really get behind!  The CoCapsules brand offer tips and kits pertaining to wardrobe, home, travel and stationary all to help introduce the capsule lifestyle.  For my first feature with them I weighed in on my must have travel essentials.  I’m really excited to see where this collaboration will take us in the future!

Okay that’s it for me today.  Time to get back to my holiday preparation that includes making lefse with my mother-in-law and finishing up a hat I’m knitting for my niece.


All of Java: part 2

Indonesia feels like a long ways away, mostly because there’s snow in the air as I type this.  But our pictures from the second half of our trip need to see the light, so here are some highlights from Jepara and Yogyakarta.

PTX Studio in Jepara, Indonesia

Jepara is a city by the sea known for its wood carving and we definitely had Indonesian wood on our minds.  Joel and I have started a company called Raya Exchange and our focus is on supporting small businesses in Java by importing handmade, home goods that we sell via our web store and Charish.  So far, we had been concentrating our efforts on handwoven textiles- pillows, throws and runners- but this trip was planned in order to expand our efforts into teak furniture and planters.  We visited our furniture partner in Jepara to check out the progress of our order and we were thrilled to see our products coming together so beautifully.

PTX Studio in Jepara, Indonesia


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Springtime in Central Java

| PTX Studio in Jepara, Indonesia

Gecho Inn Country  |  PTX Studio in Jepara, Indonesia

| PTX Studio in Jepara, Indonesia

Gecho Inn Country   |  PTX Studio in Jepara, Indonesia

Gecho Inn Country

Carved everything  |  PTX Studio in Jepara, Indonesia

PTX Studio in Jepara, Indonesia

| PTX Studio in Jepara, Indonesia

Lunch at Jepara Marina  |  PTX Studio in Jepara, Indonesia

As I mentioned before, our days in Central Java are dwindling, so we’ve got lots of odds and ends to tie up before leaving Indonesia to head back to Washington.  One item on our to do list has been furniture.  While prepping to move here, I downsized in a big way and most of my furniture went to Craigslist (coincidentally that’s where most of it came from in the first place).  So when we go back, we’re returning to clothes, shoes and a bunch of still-in-storage wedding gifts, but no bed, sofa or dining table and chairs.  Being the diehard thrifter that I am, Joel and I have been doing some browsing to see if should make some of those big ticket furniture purchases here.  The teak and mahogany furniture market is huge here and the prices are insanely reasonable (like reasonable enough to make up for the fact that we’d be shipping it across the world).

The pictures above are all from our trip to Jepara, the furniture capital of Central Java. We spent a long weekend there in April browsing furniture shops, meeting teak craftsmen and taking a little time to lounge by the pool.