Weekend Getaway at Balemong Resort


Tropical resorts are not what comes to my mind for Halloween weekend, but costumes and trick-or-treating aren’t really a thing in Indonesia.  Halloween is Joel’s favorite holiday so I thought a little getaway might cheer him up and Balemong Resort really delivered.


The structures and decor at Balemong are traditional Javanese- intricately caved wood and joglo roofs.  We found the resort just browsing through Google maps and there were not a ton of photos or info online.  I’ll definitely be reviewing them online and adding some more photos to their page on Trip Advisor because they deserve it.


The resort is located only about 20 minutes south of where we live in a town called Ungaran.  Because we’ve been getting around via taxi, we haven’t ventured outside the city so this was my first up close and personal view of Indonesian rice paddies.  They look so peaceful, but the moisture of the paddies means mosquitos, tons and tons of mosquitos!  Something about my body chemistry just beckons mosquito bites.  They don’t seem to bother Joel as much which is really unfair.  I feel like they should split their time evenly between both of us.  But you can’t reason with mosquitos so I just suck it up and wear lots of repellent.


All of the walkways have different mosaic patterns.  We took lots of walks around the grounds just exploring the different buildings and checking out the vegetation.  Good sidewalks and walking paths are something that I really miss about life in the US so I tried to spend as much time as I could walking around and enjoying the cleanliness and serenity of the resort.  Of course we’d break up our walks by heading back to our villa to enjoy some quality time with our air conditioner.



Sam Poo Kong

SAM poo

My second week in Indonesia and my first week on my own with Joel back at work, I decided it was time to start being in a tourist in my new city.  My first stop was Sam Poo Kong, the oldest Chinese temple in Semarang. The temple has beautiful examples of both Chinese and Javanese architecture.

second edi66

Second edit1

The temple was bustling with tourists and kids on field trips the day I visited.  Being the only westerner in the complex will get you lots of attention.  Throw some pale skin and red hair into the mix and it only amplifies.  Here’s my little entourage of girls who followed me for the better part of an hour giggling and yelling, “Hello Miss!”

two horizon