Favorite Images: Indonesia

PTX Studio in Indonesia

Initially my idea for this post was to make a top ten list of my favorite images of Indonesia, however that soon proved to be impossible.  Scrolling through two years of blog posts there were too many memories and snapshots of unforgettable destinations for me to narrow it down to a mere ten.  So my top ten became a compilation of pretty much any image that I was fond of starting with our fantastic honeymoon in Kuta and Ubud.  I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed compiling them.

PTX Studio in Bali, Indonesia

PTX Studio in Bali, Indonesia

Two weekends in Solo.

PTX Studio in Surakarta, Indonesia

PTX Studio in Solo, Indonesia


The time I went to the market with Annie and made a slew of new friends.

Gang Baru Market, Semarang, Indonesia photo by Amanda McLaurin


Gang Baru Market, Semarang, Indonesia photo by Amanda McLaurin

I’ve never been anywhere quite as special as Karimunjawa.

PTX Studio in Karimunjawa




Meeting the makers: batik and tenun

Batik in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

PTX Studio in Troso, Indonesia

Checking out forts and trains in Ambarawa


Ambarawa Railway Museum

Trips to Jakarta



PTX Studio in Jakarta, Indonesia

Exploring our city, Semarang





Discovering Jepara




That time we went to Borneo




So many trips to Jogja






Temples, temples and more temples.  And one more temple.


PTX Studio at Prambanan, ID


second edi66

Never Too Old for Spring Break | part one

PTX Studio in Jakarta, Indonesia

PTX Studio in Jakarta, Indonesia

PTX Studio in Jakarta, Indonesia

PTX Studio in Jakarta, Indonesia

PTX Studio in Jakarta, Indonesia

PTX Studio in Jakarta, Indonesia


We don’t get a lot of visitors from home seeing as how the travel time is about 20+ hours with a $900+ price tag.   But Joel’s mom Kirsten braved the crappy plane food, jet lag and exorbitant expense to come and spend our week long spring break with us and we’re so glad she did!

It was an exhilarating, action-packed week that started in the colossal, congested capital of Jakarta. We met up there for a short weekend before traveling on to Yogyakarta. Having only one full day to sightsee in Jakarta, we compiled a list of top picks sure to impress Kirsten. Unfortunately, Cafe Batavia turned out to be closed (despite the listed hours on their website) so we headed south to Cayenne Home in Kemang for breakfast and to kick off our day of shopping.   From there we drove in circles to find Pak Denny, the iron maker featured on the blog A Journey Bespoke, then hit the two biggest, fanciest malls we could find.  Finally we capped off the night with an amazing and intimate dinner at 1953 Restaurant Indonesien (that I completely failed to capture).   But don’t worry, I outdid myself with the photo taking once we got to Jogja.  Those pictures coming up next…


Valentine’s Weekend in Jakarta

PTX Studio in Jakarta, Indonesia

PTX Studio in Jakarta, Indonesia




PTX Studio in Jakarta, Indonesia


Long stretches of bathrobe-clad  lounging interrupted only by pedicures and pool time.  It was a truly luxurious weekend in Jakarta.  We’re not known to slum, however 24 hour butler service doesn’t come standard at our typical hotel.  Joel entered and won a contest through What’s New Jakarta gifting us one night in a suite at the Raffles Hotel Jakarta.   Saying we enjoyed ourselves would be a drastic understatement.

The hotel being attached to Lotte Shopping Avenue meant virtually anything we needed could be purchased without leaving the building.  We got a little shopping out of the way early, then snacked, soaked and slumbered the rest of the day away in our suite.  Valentine’s weekend couldn’t have been sweeter.

A big thank you to What’s New Jakarta and Raffles for the five star treatment!  Now I’m off to persuade my lucky little hubby to enter any and every contest under the sun.

PTX Studio in Jakarta, Indonesia

A little Jakarta trip

PTX Studio in Jakarta, Indonesia

October has been a month full of travel starting with our honeymoon in Bali, then a weekend in Jepara and finally a little jaunt to Jakarta.  But this trip wasn’t all rainbows and roller coasters; there was work to be done!  Work for Joel that is; he had a Saturday morning meeting.  He could have chosen to just fly in at 6:00am and come home that evening, but that would have made for a very long and not very fun day.  So being the party animals that we are, we decided to make a weekend out of it.

We arrived late-ish Friday evening and Saturday morning he was off to work bright and early.  I lounged around the hotel for a bit then headed out to stop number one: Pasar Tanah Abang, the largest textile market in SE Asia.  And of course I traveled by bajai!  I professed my love for the bajai on our last trip to Jakarta in February.  I truly believe I should own one of these adorable scooter-car hybrids and no matter how many times Joel tells me otherwise, I refuse to believe that it wouldn’t be street legal in the US.

PTX Studio in Jakarta, Indonesia

The maze of Tanah Abang was exactly as I remembered.  Floor upon floor of small cramped walkways winding through 40,000+ stalls of clothes, accessories and fabrics.  The market’s many buildings are labeled blocks A-F, then each building has up to ten floors.  It’s massive, congested and overwhelming for a first timer.

Looking for one specific vendor is a lost cause, but that was precisely my goal.  On my last visit I had seen a stall of tassels and trims and had only a vague idea of how I might find it again.  I browsed for about a half hour before stumbling across tassel trim heaven.  After spending only $5 USD I was the proud new owner of 40 mini tassels.  They’ll get paired with some textiles to become pillows as soon as I can get back to my sewing machine.

PTX Studio in Jakarta, Indonesiata-phone-gazer-blogPTX Studio in Jakarta, Indonesia

After the market, Joel was done with his meeting just in time for lunch.  When prepping for a weekend in Jakarta- especially a Halloween weekend- we read lots of blogs like Manual Jakarta and Honeycombers looking for restaurants and parties.  That’s where we heard of Attarine, a new restaurant by the Potato Head group that just so happened to be debuting their lunch service that day.  What a delicious decision it turned out to be! Their menu features a variety of small plates with lots of vegetarian dishes for Joel and a giant bowl of olives for me.

PTX Studio at Atterine in Jakarta, Indonesia

We stayed at Takes Mansion and Hotel for a second time; last time with a room in the mansion, this trip in the newer hotel part.  We used the pools accordingly, this trip hotel pool, last trip mansion pool.  Sunday morning we had just enough time for a quick dip between our Car Free Day walk and heading to the airpot.

PTX Studio in Jakarta, Indonesia

It’s funny that we’ve gone to Car Free Day on all of our Jakarta visits.  We’ve gone to the one in Semarang maybe twice and Joel said he never even went once in Jakarta despite living there for two years.  It makes sense though if you know anything about Jakarta and traffic.  Joel lived in the Kelapa Gading neighborhood in north Jakarta and Car Free Day is in central Jakarta.  If there was absolutely no traffic it would be a 20 minute trip, but in true Jakarta fashion it would typically take over an hour to make the trek.   Not worth it!

But Takes Mansion is right in the mix of central Jakarta so we were able to walk the strip of carless street from Grand Indonesia Mall to Monas.  We strolled through looking at vendors, grabbing a coffee at the now famous Starbucks and took selfies at the Monas monument.  When I first moved to Indonesia we spent my first weekend in Jakarta and Joel snapped a picture of me at the very same spot in front of Monas.  I remember how wide eyed I was about everything and everyone around me that first weekend in a foreign country and how different every aspect of the culture felt.

PTX Studio in Jakarta, IndonesiaPTX Studio in Jakarta, IndonesiaPTX Studio in Jakarta, Indonesia

During this walk, for no reason in particular I was drawn to taking photos of all the food carts along the way.  Even at the height of the popularity of the food truck scene in the US, they’re still viewed as somewhat quirky.  Food carts here are more wound into the fabric of everyday life.  They’re on every corner, serving all types of food and operate morning, noon and night.  After working for two different catering companies in the US, I have to laugh at how much red tape there was to set up a mobile food establishment back home.  In this country obtaining permits from the city to operate on the street or having a scheduled health inspection would be viewed as gratuitous and downright comical.

cf-kaki-lima1-blogPTX Studio in Jakarta, Indonesiacf-kaki-lima2-blog

After a sweaty morning walk and refreshing dip in the pool, it was time to head to the airport for our 60 minute flight home.  We planned on getting home early in the day so we could prep for work on Monday, but leaving that morning I felt a little sad that we hadn’t decided to linger later in the day for a leisurely brunch.  We’ll be back for another Jakarta weekend as part of a long layover when we head to Washington for Christmas.  Yes, a PNW CHRISTMAS!!   I’m a little excited to say the least.  I’m counting down the days until we can enjoy brisk days on a rocky beach and evenings sipping hot cocoa, listening to banjo music around a backyard fire pit.

PTX Studio in Indonesia

A little weekend getaway


Oh Jakarta, a juxtaposition of old and new worlds, so painfully apparent when you see shanty towns with a backdrop of skyscrapers.  An urban jungle with a population of 10 million in the city proper, expanding up to 30 million when you include the suburbs.  It’s not uncommon for Jakarta to be featured on lists of world’s most hated cities, but after six months in sleepy Semarang, I’m ready for a little city excitement, even if that means battling world class traffic.


From the glitzy malls to the gritty street markets, everywhere was decked out with red lanterns for Chinese New Year.  Jakarta is a place where you can truly find anything.  In one outing you can pick up a Chanel bag, vintage Dolly Parton vinyls, a cotton candy as big as your head and also pick the best bunch of live frogs from a selection laid out on banana leaves.


Jakarta has an additional form of transportation that we lack in Semarang, the bajai!  It’s a three wheeled scooter-car-hybrid.  With a small backseat fit for two, it’s my favorite way to zip around downtown Jakarta.  I told Joel we should buy a bajai because I feel like it would be easier and safer than me driving a scooter.  He said I could have one in the same way parents say “sure you can have a pony!”


Sunday morning is Car Free Day on Sudirman Street, a main street downtown that runs by two big malls.  It was close enough that we could walk from our hotel which I loved because I got to look into all the big fancy Jakarta mansions on the way.  As usual, all the homes have ornate, iron gates and fences around the property which are typically overgrown with lush plants.

Carefreeday-600.jpg Greenery600Friendship-monument600

Tuesday morning we took the hour flight back to Semarang, back to daily grind.